Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring Training

Good Morning,

   I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about training, games, and upcoming events for CASL Keepers. As you all know by now spring training is in full affect and games have started up, so we should be use to the goalkeeping training schedule by now.  Please make sure you are there on time, so we can accomplish what we need to accomplish.  Also, keepers should show up to each session early, so they are warmed and ready to go when the session starts.   I know sometimes it's tough to be early, but please do your best, so we can get started on time.

Dress Code:
  • CASL t-shirt
  • Black shorts/pants
  • Black Soccer Socks (not ankle or calf socks)
  • CASL Keeper Shirt
Upcoming Events:
  •       2012 Spring Goalkeeping Academy ( Spots are filling up, so please sign-up today)
  •       Summer Goalkeeping Academy

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